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openwork, Chandelier Earrings in Sterling Silver Openwork with Swarovski Crystal Beading in Choice of Color



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Sara Jewelry Design sterling silver. These Swarovski chan sterling silverdeliers feature are composed of sterlin sterling silverg silver geometric compon sterling silveren sterling silverts from which dan sterling silvergle Swarovski crystal cube beads, bicon sterling silvere beads an sterling silverd seamless sterlin sterling silverg silver roun sterling silverd beads. Overall design sterling silver len sterling silvergth is just about 1.5 in sterling silverches. The ear wire gauge is 16. The amoun sterling silvert of sheer shimmer is breath-takin sterling silverg an sterling silverd the look is both ultra-modern sterling silver an sterling silverd ultra-femin sterling silverin sterling silvere. Available in sterling silver your choice of Crystal Shadow, Golden sterling silver Shadow, an sterling silverd Pin sterling silverk. Select your favorite from the drop down sterling silver men sterling silveru.Listin sterling silverg is for on sterling silvere pair. There are curren sterling silvertly three pairs available in sterling silver the colors shown sterling silver.I will ship these to you the n sterling silverext busin sterling silveress day via USPS first class mail with a delivery con sterling silverfirmation sterling silver n sterling silverumber. IF YOU NEED EXPRESS MAIL SHIPPING, please con sterling silvertact me first with your ZIP code for a shippin sterling silverg quote.

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