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Natural Malachite Chip Braceletchip beads, 8 Inch Length with Gold-plated Pewter Spacers



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Sara Jewelry Design chip beads:Listin chip beadsg is for on chip beadse bracelet; there are two available.I've combin chip beadsed n chip beadsatural malachite chip beads with some an chip beadstique-gold plated pewter spacers to form a dramatic 8-in chip beadsch bracelet. The fin chip beadsdin chip beadsgs are gold-plated. Strun chip beadsg with Beadalon chip beads 49-stran chip beadsd coated wire for lon chip beadsg-lastin chip beadsg, rugged durability.Malachite is a variegated green chip beads ston chip beadse with rich ton chip beadses that vary from light to dark in chip beads ban chip beadsds. The ston chip beadse is heavy yet fairly soft so keep it han chip beadsgin chip beadsg or in chip beads a pouch when chip beads n chip beadsot in chip beads use. I will sen chip beadsd this your way the very n chip beadsext busin chip beadsess day via USPS first class parcel with a delivery con chip beadsfirmation chip beads n chip beadsumber. If you n chip beadseed Express Mail shippin chip beadsg, please con chip beadstact me first for a shippin chip beadsg quote.Sara Jewelry Design chip beads. Your Desire is Our Design chip beads.

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